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Ping Trace is a group of musicians and songwriters focused on high-quality electronic musicscapes filled with catchy melodies and a lush, chill production style. Their previous releases have received attention and airplay around the globe.

Ping Trace’s production is mature and luscious; creating a chill atmosphere that both elevates the mood and soothes the soul. It is the perfect pairing for cocktails and companions, laying back, enjoying life. Ping Trace’s sound has been compared to Sade meets Nightmares on Wax, with the depth of New Order.

Having three releases on Terraform Records since 2010, Ping Trace has garnered attention around the globe, enjoying airplay by some of the world’s most celebrated DJs. The project has captivated international record labels, with two releases on Black Hole Recording/Magik Muzik in 2011, and one release slated for summer 2012 with Spanish deep house label, Flame Records.

Ping Trace is continually evolving and is currently focused on live performance and incorporating guest artists.

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